100+ Best Vintage Outfits Part 28

By | March 12, 2020

Vintage goods, that is, period goods, became very important with the fashion taking place in different trends and periods every passing year. So the fashions of each era change. So one time the ’70s are in fashion, one time the’ 80s are in fashion, one time the ’20s or’ 60s are in fashion. Fashionistas also want and do clothes of these eras. But most importantly, the real period goods from this period are also well in demand. For one thing, you have to distinguish between second-hand goods and vintage goods. How? Well, second-hand stuff is like this.; you put on a Moschino or Armani dress and then you get bored and give it to a second-hand store and it’s sold there. It could be two years, it could be three years. This second hand. But vintage dress is a period item that belongs to 1920, 1940, 1950, 1960 or even 1980. Now that we’re in the 2020s, even the 1990s can be considered vintage. I talked to a few stores about vintage. Waterfall Gültekin’s store is in Pied de Poule, Çukurcuma. It’s one of the first to serve on this issue in years. Many famous names go to him both from Turkey and from the world. We had a pleasant conversation with Ms. waterfall about her store and about vintage. We also had a little chat with Nilüfer Tercanli from Niluş vintage, one of the vintage stores. Let’s talk vintage.From dress to skirt, blouse to pants, slippers to socks, used in all accessory products, the most popular pattern of vintage fashion polka dot attracts all attention. Colorful polka dots are the choice of those who want romantic and feminine elegance. Frills, pleats and flying fabrics are among the options where the polka dot pattern, which can be comfortably combined with different patterns and axeuars, looks the coolest and prettiest. Polka dots used in both sports and classical styles are conquering the hearts of girls and women.

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